Gilles Tijmes (1997) is a Dutch artist, journalist, music & film lover, presenter and storm chaser.

From a young age, Gilles was almost always seen with a pencil nearby. Sketchbook after sketchbook was filled with various drawings of horses, people and nature. 2010 marked the switch to digital art. This hypermodern artform brings endless possibilities and a platform that allows you to try anything. After all, real life doesn’t give you a ctrl+z button!

Nowadays is Gilles a digital portrait artist with publications in Windesheim University’s magazine Win and is his art used by musicians such as Timo de Jong and Charlotte Courbe.

When it comes to journalism, he’s mostly interested in music and cinema. However, on top of that he’s also interested in social issues and science. In 2019 and 2020 Gilles was the chief editor of 3VOOR12/Drenthe, a local branch of VPRO’s well known online music platform. During his time as chief editor he connected with local artists through the means of interviews and reviews.

Gilles finds a lot of inspiration in Nordic directors, such as zoals Dagur Kári, Hlynur Palmason, Thomas Vinterberg en Nicolas Winding Refn. These directors know how to use bold strokes to sketch a character. The minimal storytelling, in which character takes the main stage, inspires Gilles in his work. As a result you’ll find a lot of strong personality in both his journalism and his art.

In the time that is left Gilles spends his time working at the radio station, present (Spy and the Butcher Festival, Liberation Festival Assen, Eurosonic Preview) and chasing storms.